About me :)


Hello, my name is Michelle but everyone calls me Miki; Hence the title MICHELLEMIKII. I want to let you know a little about myself so you can understand my blog a little better. Let me start off by saying that I’m a Chicago girl that loves looking around her and being inspired by everything. I’m in college and I’m enjoying it so much. However, that does not mean its easy. There are times I get so stressed out. I might not be the biggest expert on Photography, beauty, and fashion but I love talking about those things either way. And I would love to share that with my readers.

I am a Hispanic women raised in the windy city and proud of it. The first language I ever spoke was Spanish then when I started school I learned English and I speak both languages really well. I tried learning Mandarin in high school but I’m not that good. I can only ask people if I can go to the washroom or ask for their name. I can also read Italian but it takes me a while to understand it. Learning different languages is important to me because I love learning about other cultures, besides my own, and understanding them better. That is why I want to talk about Inspirations I have found at the places I have visited. I want my followers to feel that I can connect with them even if we are from different cultures.

Sharing life experiences, tips, and inspirations in this blog can hopefully help others with their everyday lives and decisions. 🙂



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2 thoughts on “About me :)”

  1. Well Hello Michelle! I just got the notification that you followed me on instagram, so I had to check you out! ! would love for you to check out my blog and for us to support,work and collaborate with each other in the future!

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