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My Guide To A Successful Morning

Girls Guide to a successful Morning + Recipe


Hello Beautiful people, recently I have noticed that my morning routine helps me get ready for the rest of the day. First, I wake up and immediately jam to some Tegan and Sara. I think their music is very calming and I have just been enjoying it lately. The second thing I do is workout/exercise, this is very helpful because it just makes my body wakeup and gets me pumped up. Right after that I make sure to jump in the shower to freshen up. Now it is time to eat some breakfast and my favorite thing to eat is a smoothie bowl. I don’t usually put anything on top because the ingredients inside the smoothie bowl keep me pretty full. (blog post on smoothie bowl recipe coming soon). After breakfast, I start getting ready. I do my hair first then I do my makeup using my favorite products (Above). Palettes like the Tarte Rainforest After Dark Palette, is very versatile when it comes to using as minimal products as possible. It has a blush, bronzer, highlight, and eyeshadows all in one. Around this time my dogs start waking up and I serve them some water and some food. Next I change from pajamas to some cute, yet comfortable, clothes. I usually lean towards a cute flow blouse and some stretchy pants. I like to have candles burning during my morning routine because it is very soothing to me. Finally, I read or work on some blog posts to get my brain working.
Hope you guys enjoyed reading about my morning routine and Keep an eye out for the smoothie bowl recipe!
Love, Mikii ❤ ❤


DDF sun care

Tarte eyeshadow

Facial brush

NYX eye makeup

NYX lipstick
$9.32 –


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