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My January Favorites!!

My January Favorites!!


Hey Loves! Welcome back to my blog and I just want to let you know that this year is off to a great start! With that being said, lets get on with my favorites of January.
1. Favorite person: This past month I was listening to Troye Sivan, and let me tell you how amazingly talented this guy is! (fun fact: we were both born on the same year!!) His new Album blue neighborhood is amazing. I am really into really calm voices and his voice is just so soothing. Better yet he is a youtuber!
2. Favorite Snacks: So I have been obsessed with apple sauce this month, I mean I have always loved apple sauce but I took that love to a whole other level! Another snack favorite this month is the Ghirardelli Squares. I love love Dark chocolate and these are amazing.
3. Favorite Nail polish: The L’Oreal paris nail polish in “530 now you sea me” is just such a bold yet soothing color that is a combination of blue and green.
4. Favorite Skin care: You guys know how obsessed I am with the  Clarins Paris Instant light lip comfort oil! I have mentioned it in some other posts and the applicator is huge! I have also really been enjoying the GOLD BOND ultimate healing hand cream because the winter brings dry skin.
5. Makeup Favorites: The TARTE Rainforest After Dark palette has become my holy grail palette this month because I decided to repurchase it and OMG I love the bronzer and blush that comes with it as well. I have also repurchased an old favorite of mine and if you have been reading my posts for a long time than you know about the amazing (A.K.A holy grail) NYC smooth skin bronzer in Sunny. And this came out a while back but I thought I would try it and it is the cream eye shadows from Maybelline and I love them so I was excited when they came out with their letter collection. I got the color Creamy beige.
6. Favorite shoes: I have been working out again and let me tell you how good these Nike running shoes feel on my feet!
7. Random Favorite: I have really been into buying flowers and putting them around the house to brighten it up!
BONUS: Favorite song of the month! Happy Little Pill by: Troye Sivan ❤
!!!Links to the products Below!!!

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