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Bra-blems! & Easy Solutions + How To Properly Put On A Bra

Hello Loves! So today we are gonna get a little intimate with a collaboration with the brand ThirdLove. I believe that we all have experienced “Bra-blems.” What is that you say? Well its the problems every women has with their bra. Let me start off by telling you my life struggle with bras! Firstly I am a 32 DD. Wait What???!! Yea I get that a lot because I am a very short person (5.1 in) but thats what I gotta live with right? Any ways its REALLY hard to find the right fit for me. I am very picky when it comes to choosing a bra. So heres a list of what I want:

  1. I want a bra with the perfect Cup. I have been told in other places (if they don’t have my size, which is always the case) that I can wear the “sister size” which in my case is 34 D but the cup does not do the job.
  2. The straps need to be adjustable. However, sometimes they can stretch-out and cause them to fall.

These are just two of my major Bra-blems but I have a lot more. However ThirdLove is a brand that has many bras to choose from so please go and check out their BRA COLLECTION They are all about making comfortable bras that look sexy and amazing. I know we al think about affordable things but when it comes to being comfortable its okay to splurge on a new bra trust me! I have bought “affordable bra’s” before but they were not comfortable so I splurged on two new bras and I am very happy I made that purchase. You are important and you deserve to feel sexy, beautiful, and above all comfortable.

Below you will find a picture that ThirdLove sent me to share with you all and it just shows tips on how to fix most of the Bra-blems every woman goes through. Also, it shows how to properly put on a bra. I know what your thinking, “but who doesn’t know how to put on a bra” trust me I was thinking the same thing but a large percent of women are actually doing it wrong and you might be too.


Hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to like comment and to follow me on instgram @michellemikiiblog and on twitter @michellemikii_ also if you would like please comment below letting me know your Bra-blems or use the #michellemikii on my social media to share any tips you have for everyone when it comes to solving your own bra-blems. Its important to help each other right?

A special thanks to ThirdLove for Sharing their tips and go follow them on Twitter & Instagram !

Good luck,




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