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Fall Has Left Chicago!! + Update || /\/\ichelle/\/\ikii

Its been awhile since I have updated you on my life. Let me start off by saying that Fall has finally left the Building! Literally, It started snowing yesterday around the evening and let me tell you that it has not stop! I love when it snows but only when I’m inside with a huge blanket on me. I hope it stops when I go back to school this Monday. Besides all the snow, I have been really busy with Final exams that I haven’t really posted much content to my blog so I apologize for that. BY the way, before I forget, everyone who has been following me on Instagram has been showing me sooooo much love!! I really enjoy reading your comments and following you. I love it when you guys mention me on your pictures with the #michellemikii or #lookmikii . I love looking at your pictures and I don’t mind when you guys tell me to look at your blogs. So, please follow my instagram (michellemikiiblog) ย and my twitter (michellemikii) to talk to me more and get to know me a lot better. Also dat forget to use those #’s to show me your blogs or any awesome photography! I love you guys and thank you for all of your support!
xoxoxxoxoox- /\/\ikii
PS, let me know if you want to see some pictures of the snow!!!

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