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How To De-Stress After A Long Day At School || MichelleMikii

How To De-Stress After A Long Day At School
     Hello Loves! and welcome back to my blog 😉 So today I came back from school thinking about how I de-stress after a long day at school. I wanted to share my tips on how to do just that.
     The very first thing that I like to do when I get home is change my clothes from tight jeans to some jogger. At home you really want to feel comfortable and at ease. Put on a oversized sweater or shirt and some slippers to really get all that stress off your body.
     The second thing I do is take off all my makeup and wash my face. This step is optional if you have somewhere else to go later. Butting of your makeup can really relax your face and let it breath.
     The third thing I do is turn on  some very relaxing music. I personal love listening to acoustic songs because the instruments are very low and the singers voice is soft as well. If your interested in a good acoustic group I suggest Boyce Avenue because they make acoustic versions of popular songs.
     The Fourth thing I do is make my self a cup of camomile or green tea. camomile helps relax your body and Green tea helps nourish your skin.
     Lastly, I love to eat a very healthy snack. Having fruits as a snack can be better for your body than adding junk food to your system.
REMEMBER TO STAY AWAY FROM ELECTRONICS! This can effect your eyes and it can cause headaches if your on them for too long.
I hope you like this post let me know what other tips you would like me to share.
Hugs&Kisses – MIKII

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