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School Tips + Outfit Idea || MichelleMikii

High S chool Tips + Outfit Idea || MichelleMikii

Hey loves! So I wanted to share this outfit idea with you guys to make getting ready in the mornings a lot easier. I also want to give you guys some tips that might help you out this year and maybe the future.

  1. Learn to study! This is very important because when you get to college you want to be ready for any assignments that you might get. I should take my own advice because I never taught myself to take at least 6 hours a week to really study the material I was being taught. So please study hard and I promise you will become a better listener and learner.
  2. Time management! You really need to make a check list or plan things so you won’t be doing everything on the last minute. I am the queen of doing things the last minute and I suffer from really bad anxiety attacks caused by stress.
  3. Dress comfortably! You dint want to be walking around in school with high heels just to look cute. Trust me nobody wants to here the noise of heels or loud bracelets when they are trying to focus in class. Also dressing more comfortably  can make your body feel less stress and that will help you focus more.
  4. Take advantage of school clubs/programs! Go out for sports or if you don’t like that then join the book club or student government. Not only will you meet knew people  but you will also have a good record for colleges to see. Universities love to see how involved you were during your high school or college days. You can also try entering in the honor society. I have been in the honor society since high school and now college as well and trust me; recruiters  notice honor students more.
  5. Dont stress over your major! Till this day I am still not sure what I want to do for the rest of my life. But stressing over this can cause even more worry than anything else. Take your time figure out what you really want to do.

I hope these tips helped you out because Im saying them from the bottom of my heart. These small tips can really make you enjoy school a lot better. Don’t forget to contact me if you have any questions comments or concerns. I love you guys and I will talk to you real soon.


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