What inspires you? & Challenge \\ MichelleMikii


I might not be  professional photographer, however I love taking pictures of my inspiration. I believe that we are surrounded by many beautiful things. Instead of appreciating those things we keep looking at our phone missing out the beauty in life. I challenge you to stay away from your phone for a whole day and go out for a walk. Take pictures of everything that inspires you. If your into plants, buildings, art, people, or everything it doesn’t matter just snap away. Let your creativity be free and just have fun expressing yourself. Like I said, you don’t have to be a professional, or have an expensive camera; use your phone, your iPod, and anything else. I’m personally obsessed with taking pictures of anything that makes me feel happy, inspired, and curious. I especially like taking pictures of cloudy days because I just love the natural lighting cloudy day give without needing to use any filters. The picture above is one of the most amazing pictures I have ever taken. Not only because its a beautiful picture, but because it just shows how us, humans, can appreciate a good day.



This picture above is more random than anything else. I just fell in love with how the buildings looked with the fog around them. I also likes the fountain throwing water and the cars passing by. It’s like if the picture was moving in a way.


This gorgeous blossom tree just shows the beauty that the earth has given to us. I took this at a Chinese garden here in Chicago and I was just amazed by every little detail about it. Even though I was terrified by a big Bee that was next to me.

So I hope you take my challenge and I would love to see the pictures you take. Show them to me on the comments bellow or go on my Instagram & Twitter (MichelleMikii) with the #lookmikii . I would really look forward to seeing what your inspired by.

What inspires you? 

XOXO Mikii


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