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Hot Weather Outfits!

Hot Weather Outfits!
Hey Guys! so Its been really humid here in Chicago and some people have asked me what they should wear in this type of weather. I HIGHLY recommend you wear a Hat, Sunglasses, and Sunscreen. But besides that I wanted to should you some outfits to wear for those very hot humid days; That still make you look cute.
1. This outfit is for those girls who love wearing bright colors and love looking cute for a special occasion. This pleated cami top with a multi color tie dye print makes the white wasted shorts and the white ballerina shoes look even better.
2. This is more for those girls who like looking like a bad ass at school. The light grey chillo top and the white sandals make this look very casual. However the pop of color is also present with this cute yellow skater skirt.
3. Outfit number three really was inspired by a festival day. The Orange lace cropped cami really makes this look very put together. But the shorts and the cute sandals again add that cute casual feel.
4. The last outfit is for those girls in college like me who are always running late with their busy schedule. This simple sentori dress is easy to put on and walk out the door with without overthinking your outfit. Just add some nice sandals and a long necklace and it will look like you actually spent a long time planning your outfit.
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RVCA low v neck dress

Pink camisole

Glamorous red lace camisole
$17 –

Vero Moda light grey shirt
$14 –

MANGO distressed denim shorts
$79 –

Pieces fold over shorts
$43 –

Monsoon strappy flat

Havaianas white flat sandals
$35 –

Embellished sandals

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