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March Beauty Faves!

March Beauty Faves!
1. I have been really into deodorant in a spray form.  It is much easier to apply and faster.
2. This L’Oreal foundation is my favorite for march and forever because it is not too matte but its not too dewy. Its perfect for my oily skin. 
3. I love nice floral and fruity scents for spring and Victoria’s Secret always has these amazing body mists. I like to spray some on my body after a shower because my pores are open and the scent lasts longer that way.
4. As I explained before, I have an oily face and I not only need a matte foundation but I need a powder the apply after. This powder from Rimmel London is pretty amazing and it combines beautifully with my L’Oreal foundation.
5. I recently purchased this amazing scent from Vince Camuto. It smells delightful and I get compliments every time I wear it. It has a floral and fruity scent. 
6. My hands are very delicate when it comes to cold weather. They get very wrinkly and rough. I started using this Neutrogena hand cream last month and in the first day of using it I saw a huge difference. I really recommend you purchase it. 
7. I have been in the hunt for a concealer with different shade because I get redness and dark circles so this NYX concealer worked great for me. 
8. I was so happy when I saw this product because you can shave without having to use water. 
9. This maybelline eyeliner was hard to use at first but you get used to it. It is very black and makes wing liner look amazing. 
10. I have been wanting a creamy lipstick and I found this one by NYX and its not only creamy but its also very pigmented.
11. I have never been a fan of blush because I feel like a clown. But this Physicians Formula blush is no too harsh on my skin. 
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Vince Camuto fragrance

Perfume fragrance

Cream concealer

Lips makeup

Rimmel face powder
$5.95 –


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