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Hey guys, so I think It feels like spring here in Chicago now and I am starting to dress with more spring attire. But of course wearing colorful lipsticks can really complete and outfit. So I hope you enjoy this post and let me know what you think about and what lip product you use for spring I am really curious. I want to know if you guys have any suggestion about what brand you like or what color you think I should try next. And also let me know If you would like to see more reviews and swatching posts and or videos! Love you guys ! ❤ 😉 Show ME with the #MichelleMikii on twitter and instagram. links in me site.



Top Left Corner:  This is just a picture of my lips without any products on.

Bottom Left Corner: I used the Maybelline Color sensational in 515 Coral Crush $5.31. It smells like all the other Maybelline lipsticks, Which I don’t mind the scent. It is a sheer lipstick, and very glossy. Perfect color for spring.  Unfortunately I could not find this shade but here is a link to the lipstick that is closer the that shade (shocking coral).

Top Right Corner: NYX Matte Lipstick in MLS17 sweet pink $6.00. This lipstick is sooooo long lasting and it does transfer. There is no scent to it. The color is very dramatic. Sadly they are sold out right now but you can check back on the website or your local target.

Middle Right: Milani Lipstick in 01 Sweet Nectar $5.99. OMG this product smells so sweet and amazing I’m in love! It smells like candy! This color is very glossy, pigmented, and bright! I am going to be purchasing more Milani lipsticks.

Bottom Right: L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Liner in 772 Lasting Plum $6.97. This is a very creamy lip liner and Its a pretty dark color for a night out. It has a very weird scent to it that kind of bothers me. However its a good product.

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