Have you guys started decorating your house for christmas? I know I  have 🙂

I wanted to share with you how I reused last years christmas decor.


Our dining room is next to our living room which means that they are the two places were we decorate the most every year. The picture above shows how I decorated our dining cabinet.

The Christmas Color Theme Corner


I got a christmas themed plate and I put two gold ornaments on top so the plate won’t look too plain.


I got a clear vase and added fake Poinsettias and gold leaves I got from Michael’s to add some christmas color to the room.

The Candle Holder


This is a candle holder that we really don’t add any candles to. So, I decided to put it on a big white plate and make it fit the holiday theme. On each little candle holding plate I added a silver ornament as a pop of color.


On the bottom I added some metallic garland on the bottom and added some more christmas ornaments on top.


I think it was a good color choice to separate the background with the candle holder.

The Clear Vase 


I had a big clear vase lying around and I thought I would put it to use. Inside the vase I put thin gold garland and on top of that I added a red candle. Then I added gold bows around the candle so it won’t look too boring.


This is the finish look.

The Center of The Dining Table


I put a big white plate in the center of our dining table and added Pine cones, gold and silver ornaments, and Fake red apples and it looks so beautiful. Also the pine cones I got from the market smell like cinnamon and it fills the whole room with that spicy delicious smell.

The Christmas Tree


Lastly I wanted to share with you our decorated christmas tree. We went with a gold and red theme this year.

How did you decorate your house this year? let me know in the comments below or show me on twitter.

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