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This month was mostly all about favorite makeup products.

1. For the month of October I have been really obsessed with hot chocolate.Chicago is really cold so hot chocolate is my go to drink for the fall

2. When I was younger I would wash my hair with a chamomile shampoo and my hair would smell so good. When I tried to look for the shampoo again i realized that it was discontinued. However, I have finally found a dupe for that product and it is the Herbal Essence chamomile shampoo.

3. As I said in my autumn tag (go check it out), I am not overly fund of fall scents because they tend to be very sweet. So I bought my currently favorite perfume Dot by Marc Jacobs. It has such an amazing scent that I can’t really explain. I can tell you that I do get so many compliments on it.

4. Maybelline Has really been my go to brand this October because four of my favorite products this month have been from that company. I reviewed the first two products in a post.

Brow Drama sculpting brow mascara

Master Precise by eye studio

Color Tattoo Metal 24hr cream eyeshadow

Fit Me concealer

5. I have very short brows and I have literally tried all types of mascaras but none really give me both length and volume. The Miss Manga mascara by l’oreal paris has really changed my lash game for this month.

6. I love the XOXO watch set that helps me match my watch with different outfits I wear.

7. Lastly I have been really obsessing over the Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose.

Let me know what you think about this post. If theres any questions about me or these product Just contact me by heading over to my website.
I hope you enjoyed this post have a great day ;).

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