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Second hand shopping!

phone piks 11.22.2013 715

I am always looking for good deals when it comes to furniture but I never thought I would love second hand shopping. I went to goodwill and found this cute desk that I now use as my makeup desk. The desk cost me $20, I could not believe how cheap it was. It has not cracks or chippings on it; the desk was perfect.

NIKON CAMERA 9.13.2014 002

The sunrise picture and the bookshelf were also found in goodwill. I paid 19.99 for the bookshelf and fifty cents for the canvas. Some of the books are also second hand and yes I have read them all.

I think what I’m trying to say in this post is to save your money by shopping at a secondhand store. I was hesitant with the idea as well but you know what my mom got me into it and I thank her. who knows you might get lucky like I did.



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